Linux still owns supercomputing

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Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: Once more the best of the best supercomputer experts came together to decide which are the fastest of the fast computers. Number one with a bullet continues to be Tianhe-2, aka Milky Way-2, a Chinese supercomputer developed … Continued

Microsoft Office Online – on Linux!

posted in: linux | 0 Are you one of those hardcore critics who had never had any faith, or had lost their faith in the dream that one day, they would be able to migrate to Linux fully and completely, without having to worry about Microsoft Office compatibility ever again? Well, faith no more! Eh, or something.

 We had talked about this one hundred billion times. We discussed the Microsoft Office versus LibreOffice usability in real life, not once, but twice. We also talked about how to make the transition easier, for new converts. But we never presented a 100% viable solution for all those who must have Office for critical work. Now, we do that.

Microsoft Office Online

 For all the bashing we like to direct at Microsoft, and true, they sometimes do create horrible and stupid products, as a company, they are far more loyal and attentive to the their users than most of their competitors out there, including those big companies that people normally perceive as Linux friendly…

Free Software Foundation statement on the new iPhone, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch

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The Free Software Foundation encourages users to avoid all Apple products, in the interest of their own freedom and the freedom of those around them.

Today, Apple announced new iPhone models, a watch, and a payment service. In response, FSF executive director John Sullivan made the following statement:

It is astonishing to see so much of the technology press acting as Apple’s marketing arm. What’s on display today is widespread complicity in hiding the most newsworthy aspect of the announcement — Apple’s continuing war on individual computer user freedom, and by extension, free speech, free commerce, free association, privacy, and technological innovation.

Every review that does not mention Apple’s insistence on using Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) to lock down the devices and applications they sell is doing an extreme disservice to readers, and is a blow to the development of the free digital society we actually need. Any review that discusses technical specs without first exposing the unethical framework that produced those products, is helping usher people down a path that ends in complete digital disempowerment.